Surgery provided to those most in need in Honduras is made possible by participants’ program fees.

Program fees are due no later than 4 weeks prior to the brigade.

The required program fee for a participant is $1,000. Program fees for each additional family members are as follows:

  • Family members 18 years old or older (including spouses): $500.00
  • Family members under 18: $250.00

Program fees include ground transportation in Honduras, travel insurance, and food and lodging for a one week stay (valued at $250). The remaining portion of the program fee is applied towards the cost of surgery. Currently, the average supply cost is $250 per surgery, so your $1,000 program fee sponsors three life-changing surgeries.

Participants are also required to cover their own flight costs (approximately $500-$1,000 depending on time of year).

Participant program fees are the main way we fund patient surgeries, and our annual budget depends on all program fees being paid in full. In order to serve the maximum number of patients, we are unable to waive program fees or provide program fee reductions.

Many participants personally fundraise for their program fees and flight costs. We encourage those for which the cost presents a financial challenge to fundraise by asking family members, friends, co-workers, and local businesses to support them. As an important note, program fee donations should be made directly to SCA Medical Missions via or by check and are tax deductible.

Please note that contributions towards flight costs must be made directly to the brigade participant.
We are unable to provide tax receipts for contributions made towards flights, and we cannot reimburse brigade participants for any contributions made to SCA Medical Missions or the Holy Family Surgery Center that are intended for flight costs.

In the event that you withdraw from a brigade, we can reimburse any program fees that you have paid personally. We are unable to reimburse flight costs or other travel expenses. Any third party donations made towards your program fee can be reimbursed directly to the donor at his/her request.