For the Kids

Donations for the Kids

During this year’s brigades, we will be collecting a specific item for each trip to donate to the NPH children. Donations will be distributed to the children at a special event during the brigade week. If you are attending a brigade and would like to lead a donation drive, we ask for your help in transporting donations to Honduras via your checked luggage. Mail service in Honduras is slow and unreliable, so please do not ship donations directly to Honduras.

Please be sure to check your airline’s checked baggage policies for baggage allowances and any applicable fees.

  • June 11-18: Kids toys that don’t require reading English (i.e. Jenga, Connect Four, Uno, soccer)
  • June 18-25: Underwear and socks
  • Sept 3-10: Kids clothes from age 2-16
  • Oct 15-22: Children’s books in Spanish (bedtime books)
  • Oct 22-29: School backpacks & school supplies