Nonsurgical Services Provided

Nonsurgical Services Provided

In additional to surgical services, HFSC also provides clinical services. In 2016, brigades provided 1,842 consults (100 general, 56 ophthalmic, and 45 general), while the HFSC team provided 4,433, totaling 6,275 consults.

Other nonsurgical services that are provided can be found in the lists below.

Comprehensive Dental Care
Coming in 2017

  • Pediatric dental services including preventative and restorative care
  • Adult and young adult comprehensive dental care
  • Geriatric comprehensive dental care
  • Oral surgical comprehensive non-elective surgeries are performed
  • Radiographic screenings
  • Oral cancer screenings


  • Exams
  • Refractions (Eye Glasses Prescription Generated)
  • Eye Disease Screening
  • Medical Eye Treatment
  • Surgical Referrals