Upcoming Brigades:
May 7-13, 2015
May 23-30, 2015
August 1-8, 2015

SCA Teammates Only
June 6-13, 2015
October 17-24, 2015

“Serving the underprivileged in a developing country comes with many rewards and blessings beyond my most optimistic expectations. Our time spent there is a small sacrifice to make for those who have lived with pain for several months…even years…with treatable health conditions. Helping out whether by physically attending a brigade, or by donating equipment/supplies/instrumentation will not only transform patients’ lives, but it will transform your life too.”
-Beckie Hines, HFSC Nurse Director

Take a look at a picture slideshow from a previous brigade!

Enjoy this article about a recent brigade in June 2014
“Surgery Brigades Improve Life Expectency for Hondurans”

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