Just Announced – 2016 Brigade Dates
Click on the dates below to see what surgical specialty spots are currently open.
Critical roles including Anesthesia, CRNA, Sterile Processor and Physical Therapist are welcome on any brigade.
January 9 – 16 (Summit)
January 16 – 23 (SCA Teammates Only)
February 6 – 13 (Tuttle)
February 20 – 27 (SCA Teammates Only)
April 30 – May 7 (SCA Teammates Only)
June 11 – 18 (SCA Teammates Only)
September 17 – 24 (SCA Teammates Only)
September 24 – October 1 (TOSH Brigade)
October 15 – 22 (SCA Teammates Only)

Remaining 2015 Brigades:
October 17 – 24 (SCA Teammates Only)

“Serving the underprivileged in a developing country comes with many rewards and blessings beyond my most optimistic expectations. Our time spent there is a small sacrifice to make for those who have lived with pain for several months…even years…with treatable health conditions. Helping out whether by physically attending a brigade, or by donating equipment/supplies/instrumentation will not only transform patients’ lives, but it will transform your life too.”
Beckie Hines, HFSC Nurse Director

Take a look at a picture slideshow from a previous brigade!

Enjoy this article about a recent brigade in June 2014
“Surgery Brigades Improve Life Expectency for Hondurans”

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